Introduction, Growth And Impact Of National News Magazines In India

News Magazines in India has a wide reach over the population since many decades. The wide development of News Magazines could be traced back since the Indian Freedom Movement of 1940. Many National Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, etc. has used this medium extensively to reach out to the larger outskirts of the Nation. The transformations of the News Magazines from being a mere Mouth Piece to a National Asset became more apparent post-independence. The organizations became more independent, active and aggressive giving a detailed analysis of all the news of national prominence. There were many initiatives adapted by the Government as well as many Private organizations to keep this form of news medium free from any form of influence or interference. Bolder the Editorial Boards became as they published THE REAL TRUTH regardless of any Political Party or Organizations. There are many instances in our nation where many Scam or illegal activities have been exposed through the medium of News Magazines. This developed a trust factor among the audience.

History Of Main Issue, The National News Magazine:

Main Issue (The National Magazine) was launched as a fortnightly News Magazine committed towards a constructive and crusading journalism, to follow the hard investigative story. Launched in 2012, MAIN ISSUE is published in both Hindi and English languages. Our Magazine is India's most vibrant News magazine dealing with Current Affairs, News and all the other stories related to the Nation. Known for our neutral and unbiased approach, our News Magazine is always termed as one of the nation's most Elite and dynamic News Magazine. Within a few years of our launch we had established our strong presence in the larger part of the nation, developing our brand as the 'TRUE NATIONAL NEWS MAGAZINE'


Main Issue covers a wide range of beats including, Politics, Crime, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Career, International News, socio-economic issues, business, lifestyle, and all the other current affairs. It also keeps check on all the regional and socio-political affairs of every state of the country


Known for its bold and aggressive reporting, it continuously raises questions that many had in their minds but never dared to ask. We are largely intended towards the interest and the well-being of the general audience which many of our market competitors lack. Neither the advertisers nor any political parties influence the functions and actions of our Editorial Board. We strongly believe in becoming the voice of the common rather to suppress them. Our detailed analysis of the news are considered to be one of the best in the market. Unlike all the other National News Magazines, our company only possesses well experienced Journalists of their respective field.


Main Issue has rewritten and reinvented the way news is presented in India. It is comprehensive yet simple, concise, sophisticated, bold in its approach. Their coverage of all different arrays of News suits any reader regardless of any age or gender. Being so frequent, we keep a close look on all the matters that occur in the Nation.


Our vision is not only to maintain the reputation but also to build an unbreakable trust amongst the readers. To be the only media who has a supreme hold on the audience not only nationally but also globally.


To build a media where there are no 'HIDDEN STORIES'. To build a national as well as Global Audience who won't be a scape goats of media sensationalism.